December 3, 2008
Telenet Concept Store

At the core of the Telenet brand lies its ease of use and communi-cation. When Mo Ka was asked to come up with a plan for the new Telenet concept store, we created a welcoming, relaxed space with the right atmosphere to enhance real life brand experience.

With its references to modernist Frank Lloyd Wright and its clever use of natural materials, this branded space is the complete opposite of the usual plastic fantastic spaceship telecommunication stores. Walking into the new Telenet store is a bit like coming home to your very own living room. (Only your home probably doesn’t have a vertical garden or a selection of gadgets worthy of a classic James Bond flick.)

November 24, less than 6 months after the start-up of this project, the store opened its doors to the public. A press conference will be held on the 12th of December, but you’re welcome to drop by and check out our new Telenet pad anytime:

Telenet Concept Store
Ladeuzeplein 11, 3000 Leuven

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