February 4, 2010
Telenet - Talking Shop-In-The-Shop

Telenet knew exactly what they wanted when they asked Mo Ka to create a shop-in-the-shop at an A+ ‘Megaphone’ location in the new Bel Company store in Antwerp. At the top of their list of demands: a standout design that reflected the Telenet brand DNA and drew people in to experience Telenet products and services.

Inside the store, Mo Ka used different shades of the iconic Telenet yellow on curbed shelves and branded wallpaper with sophisticated backlighting to soften the sleek feel of the design. Television screens were installed and fitted with narrowcasting technology, allowing Telenet to monitor screened content from the comfort of their own headquarters. Visitors can get a glimps in the future with the 3D tv demo on Telenet’s Idtv platform: a unique demonstration, set up for this store only, to evaluate possible future products. Outside, a billboard image will be refreshed every season to (re-)generate attention of passers-by.

Both outside and inside, the project was aimed at brand building, brand experience and showcasing the full Telenet product range.

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